Fetish Felix: Unsere Keuschheitsgürtel für den Mann, für Männer sind aus edlem Stahl - wer den Keuschheitsgürtel unserer exklusiven Marke Chastity Steel trägt, übt er sich in Selbstkontrolle für ein lustvolles Spiel.


2012-07-17 Udo from the Nederland's

Dear Stephan,
My first impressions: The parcel was smaller than expected but everything was inside, neatly packed. The tube is very shiny, and smooth inside and out. Holes were as requested. After adjusting and putting on the belt, which took some initial effort now I am wearing the belt a notch tighter and it feels quite good: no sore spots, at most some pressure points which I could bend away. No tube issues! This also an effect of the quality of the work.
I have a small tip to Willy: if the user greases the lock (inside and outside) a tiny bit with e.g. Vaseline stuff works much smoother, it was a day and night difference for me. I can agree with Willy's statement 'ich meine das diese die beste ist von alle Gurtel welche ich gekauft hat!' (German Page)
Kind regards,

My CS-100 belt - Review of Chastitysteel CS-100

Written by: S.

May I start by saying that this belt the latest in a long line of belts and devices I have owned is by far superior to all of them in every aspect. Since my first thoughts of owning and wearing a chastity device I had in my mind an idea that it would need to be built in a similar fashion to the item that is now surrounding my manhood encasing it in its steel like grip. I have spent hundreds of pounds fruitlessly searching for something that would give 100% security with minimal discomfort or impracticality, and I am pleased to say that the fantasy has now become reality. It took years to attempt to persuade my wife that my fantasy would prove beneficial to us both if we could only find a device that could be worn discreetly and indefinitely under normal day to day clothing. Many attempts to find such a device failed miserably through one fault or another but that was until I read an article by another user and decided to contact Stephan at Fetish Felix.

What a refreshing change to first of all find someone who actually returns messages almost immediately and then follows through to supply an item head and shoulders above most of the rubbish being sold as chastity belts. The fact that the belt can be purchased as a test-it item is proof if needed in the owners belief in his product, whereby you are allowed to return the belt and get a refund if you are not entirely happy with it. There cannot be many if any other manufacturers out there who would make such an offer but Fetish Felix are happy to prove their products this way. I ordered my CS-100 Test It in the standard size as quoted and less than a week later I was wearing it around the house and to work. My wife was ecstatic about it as she took the key and told me it was staying on for three days while I got used to it.

The fit was really very good from the start although I needed to slightly adjust the waistband to fit my waist snugly and that was it I was locked securely indeed I had a real job to get my wife to allow its removal after the three days in order that I might check all was well inside the tube as there is absolutely no access to it once the belt is locked in place. I decided that when I had removed it that I would contact Stephan and enquire about the smaller and shorter tube I had originally measured myself as needing when I first made enquiries, Stephan replied next day and arranged for a made to measure tube to be assembled and I was to return the tube supplied. Four days later the new tube was on its way to me and by the weekend it too was again locked around my manhood. All this took was a payment of 20 Euros and I had locked on me a truly made to measure Full Chastity Belt. It has been locked on me now since that day a total of 15 days so far and another ten to go before its removal by my wife, behavior permitting.

The only and I mean only slight problem has been from the bow that passes under the scrotum slightly rubbing me and although this was alleviated slightly by the fact that the bow can be adjusted a small amount I again contacted Stephan and once again he has come forth with a solution and is sending me an extended length bow. The belt is extremely comfortable to wear and indeed is undetectable under my work clothes something none of my previous devices could claim to be true, when it is locked on there is no room for an erection to take place no matter how aroused the wearer is. My wife has tried every trick in her book to test the belts security at stopping ejaculation and it passes with flying colors. In ending I would just like to say I would wholeheartedly offer my total belief in this product and its fantastic manufacturers Fetish Felix and Stephan the owner.

Many Thanks S.

Locked Down Tight and Right - Review of Chastitysteel CS-100

Written by: D.S.

My keyholder has been looking for several years for a 'real' male chastity device that is attractive, secure, discrete, and tolerable enough to be worn continuously for a month or more. Security was a special issue since I have been so far been able to get out of all of the devices that met these specifications. This one, however, is different.

In February of 2005 I purchased a new Chastity-Steel CS-100 chastity belt (dull finish) male chastity belt. She was particularly intrigued by the design.

My keyholder watched me carefully to make sure I took the measurements exactly as instructed. It only took about 10 minutes. Although I chose regular rather than expedited mail, the unit arrived in considerably less than the stated 3 weeks.

Aesthetically pleasing and finished, it didn't look as imposing as some belts, but my keyholder was impressed the moment she fitted the key in the lock. She immediately demanded that I put it on. It was surprisingly easy: The scrotum slips easily through what seems like a slick, Teflon-coated ring, a similarly-coated penis sheath is slipped on while flaccid and this unit is inserted through the scrotal ring, and the rubber-sheathed, steel waistband is slipped on. The unit was custom made, so everything came into immediate alignment with the built-in locking mechanism. The whole process, I noticed, could easily be done by myself or my keyholder in just a few seconds.

I thought to take it off at this point, but my keyholder inserted one of three, imposingly large, identical keys into the flat locking mechanism, and turned the lock. Three turns and the unit, while quite comfortable, assumed a rigid character of its own and I immediately realized that for the first time in my life, I was truly locked down tight. My keyholder check the clearances and smiled, challenging me to get out. It was, as claimed, quite impossible. Over the next 24 hours, I realized that it was equally impossible to touch my penis, an important factor in my keyholder's belief in absolutely preventing any self-manipulation.

I have, as yet, worn the unit for only 24 consecutive hours and found it the most tolerable, secure and yet the most 'demanding' unit - demanding in terms of being constantly aware of it's presence - on any that I have used. Still, I can see no reason after 24 hours of wear, why it could not be used for extended periods - something my keyholder has already begun discussing. The only drawback to this unit would be that being made of metal; I assume it would be noted by metal detectors.

All in all, my keyholder and I are in agreement that this is one of the best units made.


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